Year one in Athens

A year ago today I wrote the very first entry to this blog, on the eve of our departure. It’s hard to believe one whole year has passed, and yet, after reading through some of my favorite entries, I realize we’ve actually accomplished so much. We’ve seen quite a few sights in and around Athens, and we’ve traveled to Malta and Romania. A year has passed and I can say more than just “Hello” and “Thank You” in Greek. And I can get behind the wheel of my car without crying now. Wow, I have really made progress this year!

It’s funny to look back at what surprised us and how those things have come to seem normal now. And so, I’ve decided to compile some of my favorite blog posts from the past year. I’ve attempted to organize them a bit because I found it impossible to narrow it down. In my first post, I wrote, “As soon as we get settled, I plan to do a lot of writing.” Indeed, I did.

When we first arrived, I wrote a lot about shopping, probably because we were doing so much of it.

Then, of course, after all that shopping, I had to figure out how to cook. I will never master the metric system.

While fruitlessly looking for ingredients they don’t carry here, I also discovered some tasty treats unique to Greece.

Pretty quickly I started to pick up some Greek. Sort of.

Driving…well, let’s just say it’s been a humbling experience for me.

Some of my favorite sights we’ve seen in Athens this year.

Oh the places we’ll go! Once I mastered (ha ha, “mastered”) driving, we did some day trips and overnights at sights around Greece. And we traveled to two countries outside of Greece, not including our two trips back to the US.

And finally, one of the highlights of the year, that time we met Obama.