First Snow Day

20170110_065216986_ios20170110_083514000_iosThis is what a snow day in Athens looks like. They were calling for 3 inches of snow, but in Halandri, at least, we only got about an inch, if that. Still, it was enough to close the schools. I shouldn’t be surprised. Under the best of weather conditions, this town is abysmally dangerous to drive around in. Now imagine ice-coated roads and a shuttlebus full of embassy kids. Yeah, probably for the best. I’m sure they got more snow in more mountainous suburbs. James drove the car to work and said the roads were completely fine. By the end of the day most of it melted, and as you can see, the rain will wash the rest of it away this week.

Liam had only been back to school one day before he got another day off. We spent it doing science experiments with his new chemistry set, so I managed to cram a little learning into his day.

I was warned that last winter was unusually mild, and this winter was set to be one of the snowiest on record. So I guess if it snows more than 2 inches, we’ll have more of these snow days in store.