Our First Greek Easter

Easter is a Big Deal over here in Greece. You’re probably wondering, wasn’t Easter, like, weeks ago? Catholic Easter, yes. Greek Orthodox Easter, however, is May 1. And it isn’t just Sunday. There’s Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Holy Monday. All last week I saw displays like this in the stores.


20160430_114403625_iOSRed eggs everywhere! And unrefrigerated….I’ll never get used to that. These came pre-dyed, but Liam and I decided we’d try our hand at dyeing our own eggs. We bought a little dye kit, put all the eggs in one pot, then let them sit in the dye for several minutes. Nice and red….and messy. My fingers are still pink.

Liam picked out a little center piece for our table and a prettily painted plastic egg at the Laiki last Tuesday.


Saturday night around midnight we heard the church bells go bananas, and shortly after we heard gobs of fireworks going off. Violet has decided to be nocturnal as of late, so we were still up. The revelry didn’t last too long…at least the noisy part. I wish could say that Violet went to bed right after that, too. Sigh.

Anyway, Sunday morning I found this interesting article about the meanings and traditions of Greek Easter. I explained the game tsougrisma to Liam, and we played it with a couple of our red eggs. Then we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding because it has that great Easter scene. I love that movie. And for dinner we had traditional Greek…um, tacos. Maybe next year we’ll try our hand at roasted lamb.