Back to the Beach

Here I am rockin’ Ismenia’s sun hat from Mexico. I totally need one of these!

I love, love, love living 30 minutes from the beach. Or at least this beach in particular, the one I call Trolley Cafe Beach. I’m sure this beach has a proper name, but I cannot seem to find it on any maps. It’s in the town of Artemis, so maybe it is called Artemis Beach? At any rate, the sand is great, the water is shallow, and the frozen chocolates are amazing! And amazing affordable, at about 3 Euros a piece.

We spent a lot of time playing with Khloe here last September. My how these kiddos have grown!


We were also joined by three other families, thanks to What’s App and Facebook groups that have been set up. There are so many 2-year-old little girls at this mission. I’m glad we’ve finally gotten connected.

So I thought Violet wouldn’t be eating sand now that she’s two. I was mistaken. She picked up a rock, told me it was a cookie, then proceeded to pretend “eat” it, which of course means putting it in her mouth. Mmmm…gritty. She was a little nervous about getting her feet wet at first. I have to remind myself that she probably barely remembers the beach from last year. But soon enough she was holding my hands and wading in chest deep, giggling the whole way. Occasionally a wave would get her in the face, and she’d cough and cry and insist on being picked up. But she would be back at it again in no time. That’s m’girl! I look forward to cramming as many beach outings as I can fit into our packed schedule before we leave for land-locked Missouri.

Right now, though, a summer cold is rampaging its way through the household. I’m patient zero, the one who powers through, so no worries there. But James isn’t feeling so hot now, and Liam complained of a sore throat this morning. I bought us ferry tickets to Hydra island this weekend, which is sounding like a decidedly BAD idea. I want my first island outing to be MAGICAL. And I’ve heard Hydra is quite picturesque and peaceful. Not so with a sick family. Thankfully, ferry tickets are easily transferable, so hopefully we can try again in another couple of weeks.


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