The summer crunch

It’s that time of year again, that sweet spot before the weather gets unbearably hot when we try to pack as many things into our itinerary as we can. Plus, we’ve got a very long stay in the States coming up, so there’s even less time to pack it all in. Tomorrow I’m off to the beach with Violet and all of the littles from the embassy, our first beach outing of the season. I expect there will be less sand eating this time around, which is a relief. This weekend is a long weekend (something called “Whit Monday” that both the school and the embassy have off), so we’re finally getting to one of these Greek islands people have told us about. Hydra (pronounced “Hee-dra” apparently, but I had to butcher it a few times before I caught on) is our destination, an island totally devoid of cars. People walk, bike, or ride donkeys. I expect much blog fodder from this trip.

We’ve also got an adults-only trip to Adventure Park planned, plus a beach island excursion with Gymboree friends once Liam is out of school. A tennis tournament, a baby shower, a plethora of birthday parties, and two dental appointments will also be keeping us busy in the coming weeks. Let’s hope I can keep everything straight!

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