Let’s go fly a kite…

Today is Clean Monday, a national holiday in Greece that kicks off Lent for the Greek Orthodox Church. Traditionally they have a big seafood feast, and in the weeks leading up to it, during Carnival, adults and children alike dress up in costumes. After their big meal, all the families go out to fly kites. This year we skipped the feast and went right to the kite flying.


Kites, kites everywhere! Many stands had these hexagon-shaped wooden kites that I assume adhered to the more traditional designs, but on this almost windless Monday, they looked impossible to fly. We saw many grown men struggling to keep them in the air.


Most of the other kites looked pretty flimsy, no better than the plastic Lightning McQueen kite I managed to find in a drawer in our house. It was a little worse for wear — been stuck in a tree or two — but I figured it would do the job. We went out to the OAKA, where we usually ride bikes, because we knew the space was huge and there are few trees. So, of course, Liam managed to get our kite stuck in a tree within the first five minutes. Twice.


After some careful coaxing, I managed to get it free. We walked to a better spot, several meters from the nearest tree, and spent the better part of an hour running up and down the promenade trying to keep our kite aloft. It wasn’t the best day for kite flying, but we still had a blast.


As the afternoon wore on, more and more families joined us with their kites. But it wasn’t wall-to-wall kites like I’d envisioned, perhaps because of the weather. I’m sure Violet would have loved to have come, but this was prime nap time. Plus, there was a chance of rain and almost no wind. Next year maybe the weather will be better and we’ll bring her along.

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