Summer like the Greeks


James and I have been amping up our travel plans this year. I felt like last year we were just getting used to being abroad, and traveling with children definitely has a learning curve. But this year — this year! — we plan to do some serious sight seeing. Italy, Germany, perhaps Scotland or Norway, even! Europe awaits!

All these plans, and we STILL haven’t been to a Greek Island. What is wrong with us?! Well, for starters, James doesn’t care for the beach. But I may have a solution. I was talking with some moms at Gymboree, and when I told them I’d likely be spending August in Athens, they told me I should summer like the Greeks do. I can rent a beach house on a nearby island for just a few hundred Euros a month. A few hundred a month?! Seriously? The kids and I can stay there and James could come up on the weekends. Depending on the island, it’s only an hour or two away by car and ferry. I may not want to stay an entire month, but certainly I could manage a couple of weeks. We could do a little sight seeing on the weekend with daddy, then lay around on the beach the rest of the week. Sounds like heaven to me.

Alright, so this plan may be a bit ambitious for a non-Greek speaker, but even if I don’t manage to snag a dirt-cheap beach house, it sounds like we could easily make a day trip to one of these islands later in the spring. Adding to the bucket list…


3 thoughts on “Summer like the Greeks

    1. mandysmusings

      Santorini is on our bucket list. We were advised to leave our children at home if we can. Our youngest is still a bit small for that, so we may try it in another year or so.

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