New food and the New Normal

What is this, this “olive oil biscuit”? It’s crumbly, sweet, and covered in sesame seeds. According to the picture, it appears to be infused with cinnamon and oranges. Good by themselves, or especially as a vehicle for tahini, another of our new favorites. Violet and I are gobbling them up. Liam gets home in about 10 minutes. Perhaps we’ve found a snack that (gasp!) BOTH my children enjoy? We shall see…

While we wait for his bus to pull up, let’s talk about that the heck is going on in America right now. I don’t usually like to discuss politics here. I’m a little unclear what the ramifications would be as the wife of an embassy employee. So I’ll keep it tame. But I will say that I’m highly disturbed by the news pouring through my online newsfeeds. Fox News is not one I frequent, so perhaps the doom and gloom element would be less pronounced there, but as each of these unsavory cabinet appointments get confirmed, I can’t help but picture Dr. Horrible joining the Evil League of Evil.

Maybe it’s just because Liam is listening to the soundtrack every. single. morning. But when I picture Dr. Horrible walking into that room with all those random evil henchmen, I can see Betsy DaVos or Rex Tillerson under all those ridiculous costumes. And I genuinely fear the direction our country is headed.

Ok, so speaking of Liam, he tried the biscuits, and he actually liked them. Woohoo! He also informed me of the new game he and his friends now play at recess. He’s Donald Trump, and they have to chase him around until he locks himself in the White House. The White House is base. I asked if he wears a bathrobe and wanders around for awhile when he’s in there. (heh heh). Then he loudly proclaimed that he had a golden toilet! And a golden sink! And a golden shower!

Out of the mouths of babes…

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