Our photo with The President

It’s Obama’s last week in office…hold on, I need to let that sink in for a minute. And maybe rock back and forth while I contemplate the degree of suckage we’ve got in store for the next four years. Anyway, while I’m doing that, enjoy this photo we got of Liam with the President. You’ll remember, back in November, right after the election, we got to meet, or rather, stand in the same vicinity as him.


Let’s see, where’s Liam, where’s Liam…hmmm. Oh, right. Here he is.


Ah, yes,  I remember hearing about all this pushing and shoving, and there was much boo-hooing about it. His friends are standing nearby trying to help him up — I was sure to thank them and their mothers after I saw this photo. Just to confirm, I showed Liam the photo and asked if this was the top of his head.

“Yeah, mom. That’s me. That’s when I fell down and I didn’t get to shake hands with Obama and (incoherent noises and crying…)”

Oh, geez, here we go again. Guess I won’t be putting this on the ol’ mantle, then.

2 thoughts on “Our photo with The President

  1. Julie Weddle

    What a bitch! I wonder what Grandpa Marvin would have thought about it. He was always annoyed that Carolyn and I didn’t get to meet President Kennedy, cause Mom didn’t want to go downtown to see him. Who knows, maybe the same thing would have happened to us that happened to Liam, if we had gone. So tell him, grandma Julie missed her chance to meet President Kennedy, too. And I survived it!


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