More interesting finds at the grocery store

We’re coming up on one year here in Greece (!!!), and no surprise I’m still finding new foods to try here. First up, a paste made from sesame seeds that Evi at Cut My Hair recommended when I told her how much Violet likes peanut butter.


I couldn’t remember what she called it, but I could tell by the label that this was the stuff. I did a fair job translating the name — I knew that x was really h, but I couldn’t remember what lowercase v was. I had to ask Liam, ha! Tahini. Yes, that sounds right! Georges, my colorist, insisted it was made “from the bees,” but after much chiding from the others, he conceded he must have gotten confused by the picture of the honey on the label. Not all of them come flavored with honey, but that’s how they recommended I try it. After a few bites, I think Violet and I came to the same conclusion. This stuff is damn good! Better than peanut butter, even! I had to google to see if I needed to refrigerate after opening. Turns out it’s like peanut butter — you don’t have to, but some people like to. I don’t, so I won’t.

Next up, a couple of offerings from the chip aisle. I’ve tried all of the strange flavors of Lays, but this import from Germany caught my eye.


Mostly because it says “Mature Cheddar & Onion.” Mature? Perhaps they meant “aged”? At any rate, they were tasty. Much better than Lays.

I usually get my Cheetos fix at the NEX, but I couldn’t resist giving these, um, Greek Cheetos a try.


Maize Snack with Cheese and Ham Flavor? Ok, that doesn’t sound all that appealing, but it looks like a Cheeto, so worth a shot. Remember those Planters Cheez Curls we used to eat as kids? They were my very favorite cheesy snack, and it wasn’t until today that I realized they’d been officially discontinued years ago. Well, perhaps they sold the recipe to Tasty Snacks of Athens, Greece, because apparently “ham flavor” is what Cheetos have always been missing. They taste just like Cheez Curls, though they look a tad bit different. Whatever. I’m a fan now.

Finally, in the beer aisle, this bottle caught my eye.


Blue Island Pear Delight. It says, “Taste of the Mediterranean Summer.” Sold! Wasn’t till I got it home that I realized it said 0.0% alcohol. D’oh! Still, not bad for a fizzy drink.

4 thoughts on “More interesting finds at the grocery store


    Welcome back! Happy 2017. Tahini is only terrific with honey! Don’t try the plain stuff unless you’re using it for cooking…..or mix it with honey lol. Cheesy snacks..yum in this house bound weather with a big glass of wine

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