I have a toaster again!

Who knew toast would be such a sore point for me in Greece? You’ll remember I had a bit of a problem with my toaster. It quit working, then Vicko held it hostage for awhile. Finally…finally…they agreed to give me a new toaster. I walked up to the store, ready to take home my toaster, and the store clerk asked for the original receipt.

Dammit. I was hoping she’d overlook that.

See, because I have a child in diapers, I have about three or four different bags I use depending on who I have with me and where I’m going. And somewhere amid the transfer, I managed to lose the receipt. I looked everywhere. I suspect it got thrown away during the last Purge.

At any rate, the store clerk was very nice about it, but because Greece has this nutty receipt law, she was reluctant to give me a toaster without it. (On a side note, try refusing a receipt at the toll booth. They will insist you take one. Seriously.) Still, she was a very nice lady, and agreed to call the head office and see if we could work something out. So back home I went. Without a toaster.

The next day she called to say they would indeed issue me a new toaster, but I would not be able to have a new receipt, and would have to waive the option for a one-year guarantee, which is standard for Vicko products. Fine. It’s a 15 Euro toaster. If this one by some miracle also stops working, I’ll just buy a new one.

So this morning, imagine my (admittedly lame) excitement about getting to finally make toast again. And then imagine my exasperation when this happens:


This wasn’t a fluke. My toast goes into orbit EACH AND EVERY TIME. I would cry if I weren’t laughing so hard. But, hey, at least it works!

7 thoughts on “I have a toaster again!

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  2. Recently I have purchased two different, faulty staplers. The second one I took immense pains in choosing since I was annoyed with the first purchase not working. I could barely believe it when the second one quickly started jamming up. I told my husband he has to pick the next one! Loved your post! 😂


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