Where is my toaster?

Eleven days ago my toaster broke. Just quit working randomly. You push the little lever down, and it pops right back up. Just in case, because this has happened before, I plugged it into several outlets around the house. One never knows about the electricity situation here. Nope. It’s broke.

I bought the thing from an outfit called Vicko for a measly 15 Euros. Normally, I’d just toss something like that and buy a new one. You know, the American Way. But I remembered the clerk telling me all Vicko products come with a 1 year guarantee, and I’d remembered to keep the receipt, so I decided to take it in to the shop for a new one. Perhaps, like Walmart, they’d just toss it in the back and hand me a shiny new one right out of the box.

But, this is Greece.

First they had to test to see if it was really broken. Then she took my number and said she’d call me in 10 days or less after they’d sent it out to be fixed. Ok, so waste not, want not…I can live without a toaster for 10 days. She even intimated that it would take less time than that. It’s a 15 Euro toaster — how hard could it be to fix? I was also told if it couldn’t be fixed, they would be happy to give me a replacement. Swell!

Eleven days later, I called the shop. “Do you speak English? Where is my toaster?” She asked if she could please have…let’s see…five more days. Until next Monday. (Ummm..that’s actually seven more days.) Seriously?! All this for a 15 Euro toaster? Perhaps this is their way of not following through on their guarantee. They figure I’ll give up and buy a new one.

But, no. I’m an American. Sure, I probably would have just tossed it and bought a new one two weeks ago. But now we’re talking about the principle of the thing. If it’s not ready in another week, I’m going to demand another toaster!

In the meantime, I better not even utter the word “Eggo Waffle” in Liam’s presence. He hasn’t asked for one in weeks. Hopefully we can make it seven more days…

3 thoughts on “Where is my toaster?

  1. Mark O Weddle

    You go girl! That is what principles are for! Toast can be made on a stove top (Gas or electric) in the mean time. Just “Because……Greece” should be no excuse.



  2. Julie Weddle

    Oh dear! Maybe they have found that it is cheaper to fix an old toaster than to make a new one, although it is not faster! You sound just like your Dad, he would wait forever for someone to fix something or to get it for cheaper!


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