Thanksgiving in Athens

Thanksgiving and my birthday sort of go hand-in-hand. Every seven years it falls on Thanksgiving. That wasn’t the case this year, but I figured this would be a good day to finally update my wardrobe as a little gift to myself. The kids stayed with the sitter while I walked to some shops in my neighborhood. I knew I’d find something lovely at the H&M, a store I was already familiar with from the States. And I discovered Zara back in February when I had to buy a new dress while my clothes were still in transit to Athens. But this little gem, just a couple of blocks from my house, turned out to have the best and most affordable clothes of all.


Clothes by the kilo! Genius! Turns out it’s a second-hand store, but the clothes were all top quality. I bought three tops, a super cute skirt and a scarf for under 35 Euros. A steal for Greece, where many shops in my neighborhood charge double that price or more. And much less sketchy than rooting through the tables at the Laiki. They had kids clothes, too.

It was interesting to see clothing trends this year, as I’m so out of touch these days. Ponchos are in again. Lucky my I’ve got some from the last time they were in style. And I’ve got one from my mother’s 1970s wardrobe. I keep everything. Well, almost everything. I was a bit horrified to see these were back in fashion.


I’ll admit, there was a time in the mid-90s when I wore these. When I was 16 and had the body for it. Wouldn’t be caught dead in one now.

After a productive day of shopping, it was time for some eating! We loaded up in a taxi with a couple of pies and headed to our friends’ house in Agia Paraskevi. They had a lovely spread, lots of wine, and wonderful company for adults and kids alike.


Sadly James had a last minute trip to Morocco, so he missed this little gathering. It’s so nice to have a group of friends from the embassy who we can get together with when our family isn’t around. Most of us stick around for Thanksgiving, so hopefully we can do this again next year.

Modeling my outfit bought by the kilo.

And the sweet potato pie was amazing! I have to say, I liked it even better with the white sweet potatoes that I ended up using. I don’t recall ever seeing them in the States, but I’ll have to look.


Adorable little Violet just sat herself at the head of the table like a little lady, spooning her own mashed potatoes without even wearing a bib. She ate turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and even some carrots. Liam had a slice of turkey and a banana. No interest in anything else except dessert. They both scarfed the sweet potato pie. We all did.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Athens


    Wondered what your pie would be like . Glad to hear it was relish. We get those white sweet potatoes but also the red ones which are orange inside


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