Aerial Yoga in Greece


I wasn’t sure about this at first. I walked into a room full of purple hammocks hanging from the ceiling. I felt like a beginner again, trying to adjust myself into unfamiliar poses while also trying NOT to fall out of the sling. The cloth pulled uncomfortably, but as the class progressed I noticed it less and less. Inversions have always been tricky for me. I don’t have much upper body strength, so unless I’m in great shape, I usually can’t master them. But by using the sling, I could almost effortlessly hold myself up. I think the more challenging aspect was getting the balance. And overcoming the fear of falling. Add to that the complication of the class being taught in a language you don’t know. It was a bit of a challenge. But the instructor could speak English, and she did help me out when I needed it.

Boy. My face sure looks weird upside down. It’s like I’m looking at a different person with disconcerting facial fatness. And the sling isn’t very forgiving of my muffintop. Anyway, I digress…

Soon enough it was time for Savasana. Now this was more like it.


Obviously I found these photos on the internet. But you get the picture. The instructor gave me a gentle swing…like sleeping in a hammock on the beach. Pure bliss.

Yeah, I’m definitely going back. I have a feeling after I’ve done this a few times I’ll enjoy it even more. I’d never heard of Aerial Yoga before coming to Greece. Yoga peeps — do they have this at your studios in the US?

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