My second rooftop party

What a fabulous night for an outdoor party! So, funny observation: Of the 10 or so attendees, not a single one had been to my last party. Such is the transient nature of embassy life. My food was better this time (thanks to one helpful guest who brought an appetizer) and my vestibule had light, so that was much better. We moved the booze outside, which I think encouraged more, ehem, merriment. We even had a couple of husbands tag along, and James (gasp) socialized! One couple brought their son, so Liam spent his night playing Nerf Gun zombie killers. I was a little sad not to see his dance moves, but I think he had more fun this time.

Back in June I pretty much only knew people from the embassy, but this time a few of the Greek parents I’ve met at the school came, too. I had a great time chatting about our crazy kids, and also getting advice about which islands we must visit. Seriously, I can’t believe I haven’t been to an island yet!

Poor Violet didn’t sleep through the party this time, so she made a bleary-eyed appearance at the end of the night. I don’t think any noise woke her — turns out she was coming down with a cold. But otherwise everything went smashingly. And everyone brought wine again, so my liquor stores are stocked! Let’s see…one party in June, one party in October…so next party in February, just in time for Mardi Gras!


2 thoughts on “My second rooftop party

  1. Julie Weddle

    Who ARE you? My daughter hosting parties and her husband participating and socializing ? What did you do with Mandy? Are you writing fiction now?


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