White Wine, Please

Last night my friend and I had an impromptu mom’s night out at Piu Verde in Papagou. As the waiter was taking our drink order, he turned to me and asked what type of wine I’d like.

Wait! I totally know this!

“Lefko krasi, parakalo!” I was so excited to finally use the one Greek phrase I memorized, I more or less shouted at him. I sounded like one desperate mama in need of a drink. At this rate I should be ready for a full-blown Greek conversation in…ok, probably never. But, hey, I can order the wine at least! And I know “kokkino” means red.

The restaurant, beautifully nestled in a large park, was quite a sight all lit up at night, and the food was fantastic. It was so nice to get out after dark, sans children, on a school night, even.

On the way out we stopped by the restroom, and it was there I witnessed what I’m coming to see as a very typical Greek paradox. As I entered the stall, a little machine attached to the toilet meticulously steam-cleaned the toilet seat before I sat down. I was like, “What is this, Tokyo?!” But then next to the toilet was a HEE-UGE trashcan for the disposal of toilet paper. Ah, yes. They can install a machine to clean the seat, but you still can’t flush your toilet paper.


3 thoughts on “White Wine, Please

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