Adventures in Baking

Now that Violet can entertain herself a little more easily, I thought I’d try my hand at baking some banana bread. I had two very ripe bananas, one favorite recipe in my cookbook, but no brown sugar or baking powder. First step, go to the store!

After quizzically scanning the pictures on the packages for awhile, I decided to ask someone. Two employees and one random English-speaking customer later, I found the brown sugar. Or rather, the “black sugar” as they call it here. My recipe calls for light brown sugar, but this would have to do.


Baking soda was an easy find, but I knew that baking powder was not the same thing. Right next to it was a package of something called “Ammonium bicarbonate.” Ok, let’s give that a whirl.

Back at home, “Siri, is ammonium bicarbonate baking powder?” Apparently it’s what cooks used to use before modern day baking powder was invented. It truly is the stone age here in Athens.


More questions for Siri. “What is 325 degrees F in Celsius?” “How many milliliters are in a teaspoon?” My measuring spoons purchased from IKEA included a 5 ML spoon, which roughly equates to a teaspoon. Seriously, how did people ever do this without smart phones? If I had to look all this stuff up myself, I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

Time to check on Violet.


This is what I meant by entertaining herself. Sigh. Back to the task at hand.


That looks like about 2/3 of a cup of butter, right? Okay…cream butter with sugar, add eggs, add mashed bananas…this butter isn’t mixing very well.


Is this even butter? It could be margarine. It came in a stick like butter, but the package was entirely in Greek. Oh well, too late now. Into the pan you go!

Now where is Violet?


Too hungry to wait for banana bread, it seems. Forty-five minutes later, and Viola!


Predictably, the children didn’t want any tonight. But I took a little bite and I’d say it’s passable as banana bread. Success!

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Baking

  1. Julie Weddle

    Yum! I have just had a horrible time because my mailman decided not to come today and pick up my mail which included all my bills, some of which are due soon! So I had to screw with setting up some payments online, which should have been easy but wasn’t ,of course. Then I read your blog! If I had to figure out how to do a simple recipe like you did right now, I would be screaming! I am impressed that you handled it so well.
    Btw, why are those yogurt melts so far at the bottom of your cabinet where Violet can get to it! Didn’t you learn anything from Evie getting her own food out of the cabinets on her own? From my perspective though, she is awfully cute!


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