Beach Day Fridays

The weather here in Athens is quickly turning slightly cooler (mid-80s instead of mid-90s) and wetter, so I’ve decided to get to the beach as often as I can in September before it gets too cold. Perhaps we’ll try a new beach every week. Beach Day Fridays! Woo hoo!

Now that Liam is in school, Violet and I are going solo…which is sooo much easier! Driving down to Sounio, I was reminded of my beach outings with Liam when we lived in Florida. On highway 50, due east to Playalinda or Cocoa Beach, we’d see stands for fruit and gator jerky, and as we neared the beach we’d have to cross a huge, tall bridge over the Indian River. Here in Greece the drive is quite a bit different. As we leave the congestion of the city, we drive along twisty, hilly roads that hug the coastline, sheer rock on one side, and a drop off to aquamarine waters on the other. Magnificent mountain islands dot the water here and there. It’s hard to keep my eyes on the road because the view is so spectacular.

The drive time for the beach I tried on Friday was about the same as our drive in Florida, about an hour. A perfect amount of time for a morning and afternoon nap, I always found. This beach, in the town of Charakas in Sounio, was one Evi from Cut My Hair recommended.


Wow. That is gorgeous. We sat under this tiki umbrella and ordered some lunch. A dad and his two young children sat next to us. The daughter was keen to share her dolls. Violet was keen to play with them. She kept giving them kisses.


20160909_081728469_iosUnlike the beach at Trolley Café, the sand here was chock full of pebbles and a little hard to walk on. I had to keep Violet from eating the rocks. The food wasn’t as good at the restaurant here, though it was a little hard to order with no English menu. And the sand wasn’t the best for sand castles. But our seat was right up by the water’s edge, and once you got 20 feet past the break and made it past all of the sharp pebbles, there was a shallow sand bar that was quite pleasant to wade out on.


Violet learned to say a new word today. “Boat.” She kept pointing to this boat that dropped anchor in the bay, saying, “Go-go-go.” She either meant for us to board, or she thought it was a toy I could get for her. Either way, she was upset I wasn’t doing what she asked. Sigh. While it is much easier to take only one child to the beach, the one I can take is the difficult one.

We stayed a couple of hours or so, then headed back so we could meet Liam’s bus. Violet got a big hug from her new little friend before we left, so cute. And she took a nice, long snooze all the way home. I had hoped to return to the beach over the weekend with Liam, but it’s been raining all day, with more chances Sunday. Perhaps next weekend we’ll try another beach.

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