Move to Greece, Grow a Mustache

A few months ago I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed something different about my face. Is that…wait, am I growing a mustache?!

Fitting, right?

New pink hairdo as a distraction from embarrassing lip.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out the skin on my upper lip is a darker tan than the rest of my face. I hastily switched sun screen, moisturizer and face wash to no avail. After a trip to the beach, it got worse. It’s not so bad that it’ll stop a stranger in their tracks…yet.

Thank God for Google. Faced with the prospect of finding a dermatologist in a foreign country, I decided best to do a little research first. And it turns out this is not an uncommon occurrence, especially for pregnant (or nursing) moms. Combine that with the increase in sun exposure I get from walking everywhere in a more southerly climate, and BAM…mustache. Or, rather, mustache shadow.

It’s normally here that I would a lament: Because…Greece. Except this one isn’t really Greece’s fault. I’ve never been much for daily sunscreen, and I don’t wear make up or foundation very often. I guess I’ll have to remedy that.

According to the websites I found, there are several options for ridding yourself of and preventing a mustache shadow. I picked a few that sounded the least complicated and most effective.


First up, a trip to the pharmacy for some daily moisturizer with SPF. The websites I read recommended 30-50 SPF, but according to the pharmacist, the highest you can get in Greece is SPF 20. This itty-bitty tube for 22 Euros will have to do.


Next up, to make up for that expense, I’m going with homemade sugar exfoliating scrub to get rid of that dark layer of skin faster. Of course I had to pick a recipe with honey in it. Honey is kind of Greece’s thing. I used raw sugar for maximum roughness. It is refreshing…and delicious.

And finally, I’m rubbing some lemon juice on the offending area every night in an attempt to lighten it up naturally. If I don’t start seeing any improvement in the next couple of weeks, I may start looking for a reputable dermatologist. There are some actual medical treatment options, but I’d rather try the natural route first.

4 thoughts on “Move to Greece, Grow a Mustache

  1. Julie Weddle

    You poor thing! The one thing you didn’t need, especially in Greece ,is to develop a mustache! Hey, does Violet like the taste of your exfoliating scrub? I hope all this works! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


    1. mandysmusings

      Somewhat. Though I think getting out of the sun helped the most of all. I’m hoping by next summer I’ll have weaned my eager nursing toddler and my mustache won’t come back 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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