A wackaloon return policy

I was told when I first moved here that returning items to the store was a major hassle, and wherever possible, it was best to avoid it. I put this theory to the test at IKEA a couple of months after I arrived. It was a hassle — though less because of the return policy and more because I was exchanging a huge mattress pad for an even HUGER mattress pad. After a few rounds of “Do you speak English?” and “So, is this happening, or what?” I was able to get it all resolved.

This time around, I had to take something back to the Jumbo. Normally I wouldn’t bother returning something so cheap, but we’ve just started Liam on an allowance, and he blew a weeks-worth of Euros on a crappy walkie-talkie set that didn’t even work. Poor kid was so disappointed. After carefully crafting it into a “teachable moment” I called Jumbo to figure out exactly how one goes about returning stuff.

The process is rather involved.

First you have to come at the right time on the right day. Because…ah, yes. Greece. One has to plan ahead when getting ripped off. So, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2-6 PM, they are happy to take back their craptastic merch. Conveniently, today was Monday, so we popped over there right at 2.

The dude at the counter efficiently asked me why I was returning the walkie-talkies, scanned my receipt, and we were on our way. No hassle at all, sweet!

Except what I got back from him was not a crisp 10 Euro bill (assuming that’s what they’d call that). Instead I got a store credit that I was required to use THAT DAY.


I brought the receipt! I just bought this toy last week! Didn’t I mention these walkie-talkies DID NOT WORK right out of the box?! I don’t want another crap-ass set of these for my poor, Jumbo-jaded child. He has resolved never to buy anything electronic at this store ever again. (Liam tends to get a bit dramatic.) Is this really your return policy?

Thankfully I copped enough of an affronted American attitude that he offered to call the manager. After a familiar round of “So, is this happening, or what?” the manager came down with the money. No arm twisting required. So I guess the return policy is: Come on the right day at the right time and we might give you your money back. Got it.


2 thoughts on “A wackaloon return policy

  1. Julie Weddle

    Isn’t it fun to be a grown up who has to deal with these things? I am afraid that you could have gotten the exact same treatment here in the good old USA. And it’s hard to teach our kids that everything isn’t made equally, either. Lot of cheap stuff out there. Did the toy that you brought back have made in China stamped on the bottom?


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