A solo mission to the beach


Back in April I took the kids to the beach by myself. It wasn’t such an ordeal because we only brought a couple of towels and some snacks. No swim suits. No sand toys. And we rode the tram, which I definitely wouldn’t attempt for a summer beach outing. At least not with children as young as mine.

Where did the summer go? Between vacations, trips back home, and illness, we have only managed one trip to the beach this summer. And with this wicked wind we’ve been having lately, it took me awhile to find a suitable day to go back. Today was the day. And I was going it alone.

Back when we lived in Orlando, I used to take Liam to the beach by myself all the time. It was about an hour drive to the beaches along the Atlantic Coast, and while it was a lot to carry an umbrella, a beach chair, towels, toys, snacks, and a kid who refused to walk on hot sand, I was determined to enjoy those Florida beaches. And enjoy them I did, especially as Liam got closer to age 4 and would actually carry something.

Now I’ve got two kids in tow, and Violet is quite a bit younger than Liam was when we lived in Florida. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle taking them on my own. But thanks to another mom’s good recommendation, I tried the beach at the Trolley Café, about 30 minutes east of Athens. They have beach loungers and umbrellas all set up, and you can use them as long as you order something. There was ample parking right by the beach, and the affordable menu included milkshakes, ham sandwiches and excellent fries, so my kids were happy. I had a peach juice, which was delicious (Violet gulped a lot of that down), and they had an array of coffees, teas, and alcoholic beverages, as well.


I liked this beach better than the one we went to earlier this month. The sand was a little finer, and it extended into the surf, so it was much easier to walk out into the water with a child in one arm and a nervous seven-year-old clutching the other hand. Violet didn’t exactly love being out in the water, but as the afternoon wore on she started walking by herself along the surf. The waves were quite gentle, so Liam could hold his own in the shallow end. He spent most of the afternoon digging holes and watching them fill with water. Violet sampled some sand. Yep, still not tasty, dear.

With such a short drive to the shore, I didn’t mind packing it in after only a couple of hours. Unfortunately Violet can only handle so much fun in the sun before she starts clamoring for “nigh nigh” time. She actually says that now when she’s tired. It is. Adorable.

School starts in a week, but I have high hopes we can squeeze in another beach outing soon. I’m also hoping I can talk another mom into bringing her infant along when our olders are in school. It would be nice to have some company who isn’t ordering you to dig holes and build sand castles. Heh.

2 thoughts on “A solo mission to the beach

  1. Julie Weddle

    Gosh, I miss them so much! Glad you are having fun! And I am glad you found a beach that isn’t so far away, much more menagable! Bet you can’t wait till school starts. It won’t be long now!


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