A steep climb in Livadia


Livadia is quickly becoming our favorite spot outside of Athens. After the last few hot, dusty days of sight-seeing in the city, the lush shade and abundant waterfalls offered a welcome respite. On our last visit, we stopped short of climbing up to the shrine. It had rained all day, and the path was slippery. This time we decided to give it a go. Travis and Liam ran up ahead while James, Violet and I huffed our way up the stairs behind them. Well, it was mostly me doing the huffing — I was carrying Violet in the Baby Bjorn. We must have climbed 1000 stairs. Just short of the top, and absolutely littered with what I can only assume is billy goat poop, the stairway turned to…well…this.


Apparently only goats and tourists are dumb enough to climb up to this shrine. Being the latter, James, Liam and Travis went on ahead. There they are at the tippy top.


The way down was almost harder than the way up, especially for me trying to see the steps around the baby. My quads and knees didn’t like me too much by the time we got to the bottom. Neither did Violet — she wanted to use her OWN legs for walking, thankyouverymuch. She proudly walked herself down along the stream with me following closely behind lest she decide to amble down the stone stairways for a swim. Thankfully we had lots of watchful eyes on her today.


3 thoughts on “A steep climb in Livadia

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  2. I lived in Livadia in 1990, teaching English – thank you for brining back the memories of exploring the town. I don’t think that the steps to the shrine were any better all these years ago!


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