A Sweltering Day at the Acropolis

What a difference seven months makes! Our last trip to the Acropolis was in January on the coldest day of the year. Today at a sweltering 98 degrees, it was just about the hottest day we’ve had all summer. We wisely left the kiddos at home with the babysitter. As we know from Malta, Liam does NOT do well in the heat.

This time we also brought a visitor, our very first visitor, hooray! James’ best friend Travis hails from Kansas, and he’s never been to Europe. After spending a very jet-lagged day marveling at the insanity of the traffic and the steepness of our driveway, he was ready to hit the town.

Being August, the Acropolis wasn’t especially crowded, though more crowded than it was in January. Parts of the grounds were open that were closed last time, so I was able to snap some better photos of the Herod Antipas Amphitheater. I also explored the Parthenon and the views from the top a little better. Last time we just ran up to the Greek flag, snapped some photos, and ran back down before that fierce wind took our breath away.


Oh, look. An ancient cup holder. The Greeks thought of everything.

Eventually we made our way to another spot we missed last time, a huge rocky hill near the front entrance that you could climb on to. It afforded some spectacular views of the Agora and Acropolis.


After sweating and sweating and sweating, we made our way down the hill to the blessedly air-conditioned Acropolis Museum. Ah, how refreshing to enjoy a museum without children! We moseyed, we read signs, we took photos. And, of course, we actually found an exhibit Liam would have loved. The Acropolis in Legos!


Oh, well. Maybe next time, kiddo.

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