Looky what I found at the Laiki

Feels like it’s been ages since I went to the laiki — illness, heat or travel has kept me away most of the summer. But this morning I loaded up the ol’ hobo cart and struck out in search of fresh produce. And if I was lucky, I might just find what I was looking for.



Back home in July and August I salivate at the thought of okra fried up in Louisiana Fish Fry, just like my dad makes it. I had it a few times when I was back in KC. But I wasn’t sure if okra was a “thing” here in Greece. Apparently it is. Several vendors had it, and almost all of it was tiny little pods like the ones pictured. I can’t tell if they picked them early, like you’re supposed to, or if this is a different variation. I took a little taste test at home (being a true okra junkie, I’ll even eat it raw), and it tasted about the same. Sadly I don’t have the aforementioned fish fry so I may have to…improvise. Stay tuned.

Some other points of interest about today’s laiki outing: grapes galore! Like the okra, the grapes were teeny tiny little things, and seedless, which is just the way I like them. I also picked up a watermelon on a lark. I’m not a huge watermelon fan, but someone told me Greece is known for tasty watermelon when it’s in season, so I figured I’d give it a go. Liam has always maintained he only likes “watermelon flaaaay-vor” but perhaps that because he’s never actually tasted a real watermelon. Violet hasn’t ever tried one, either. We’ll see how that goes.

The laiki was also refreshingly scarce on patrons, which makes sense, as I was told the city of Athens pretty much empties out in August. The humidity here is lower than in the Midwest, so although temperatures hit the low ’90s, it doesn’t feel as hot to me. I even had the upstairs windows open today…it didn’t make my husband happy, but I was quite comfortable. What can I say…my heart still belongs in Florida!

3 thoughts on “Looky what I found at the Laiki

  1. Julie Weddle

    So glad you found okra all the way in Greece! Hope you can find cornmeal or fish fry and oil then, too.
    Did James notice how much Violet was walking and talking when you got home? I wondered.


    1. mandysmusings

      He did! It was funny, though. She wouldn’t let him hold her for the first hour or so we were home. She had to get used to him again.


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