More Wisdom from the Salon

My usual colorist, Georges, is spending the summer on Mykonos, so another of the colorful characters at the salon, Harris (Is this a Greek name?), touched up my highlights today. We chatted about Athens, the island where his family is from — the Greeks don’t technically consider it an island because there’s a bridge that connects it to the mainland — and Malta. Harris asked me how I thought his English was. It was actually pretty good.

“Better than George’s,” I laughed. He said he’d learned to speak such good English because he’d served as a guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier in front of the Parliament building in Athens, and tourists were constantly asking him for directions in English.

“That and American movies!” he said, which set us off on a tangent about our favorite action flicks. Harris is a Die Hard fan. I knew I sensed a kindred spirit.

He asked me what my favorite European city was, and I told him Vienna because of all the great biking you can do in the city. I told him I’d brought my bike to Athens, but I had yet to ride it.

“Oh!” he said, “Do NOT try biking in Athens.”

Well, yes, I’d figured biking in the city was definitely out, but perhaps I could take my bike out to the country and go for a spin?

“Let me tell you something,” he leaned in conspiratorially. “When the Greeks see a person on a bike, they point and say, ‘Look at the crazy person!’ We are not used to bikes on the road.”

Fair enough, Harris. Fair enough. I guess this means the bike, and the baby bike seat, will gather dust and cobwebs in the basement for the next four years. Which makes me super sad. Biking Liam around Silver Spring and Washington DC was one of my favorite activities when he was little.

2 thoughts on “More Wisdom from the Salon

  1. Julie Weddle

    I guess the Greeks aren’t as active as the people in Maryland! You should look at the condition of the locals to tell. Unless they choose some other physical activity to do, like walking up mountains and stuff!


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