Train and temples

Today we continued our quest to ride every single Metro and Tramline in Athens by riding the Red Line from end to end. Save for one section of the Blue Line that goes to the airport and costs extra, we’ve just about done it. Actually, Liam is quick to remind me, we still haven’t ridden the commuter train in its entirety. But with 32 stops spread over several kilometers, I’m thinking we’ll save that for…never.

As  usual, Liam was glued to the window while Violet happily smiled at strangers. At one point an orthodox Greek priest sat in the seat across from us. He wore a long, black tunic and a funny black hat. Liam leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I think he’s a magician.”

We stopped off at the Acropoli stop to do a little sight seeing. Liam had gone to the Temple of Zeus on a field trip, and he was keen to show it to me. As we walked through the crowds of tourists, I heard more English spoken in passing than I have since we got here. We kept our visit brief, opting out of the 6
Euro entry fee and just snapping a few photos from outside the fence — summers here are hot, hot, hot!

Our subway car on the way back wasn’t very crowded, so Violet got up and cruised around a bit. She couldn’t do much standing on her own — still a new skill, and with the motion of the car, she couldn’t keep her balance. But she was so cute strutting up and down the car as she held onto my fingers, leaning around seats and just grinning at everyone she saw. I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot of cruising up and down the airplane aisles on our upcoming trips in July. Let’s hope she’s just as endearing on the plane as she is on the train.

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