The Greek Mac

My budding scientist can’t get enough of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Supersize Me. We’ve already watched it twice. He asks me a lot of questions as we’re watching, and he seems genuinely interested in the drastic results of Spurlock’s experiment. He’s my picky eater, and we talk a lot about nutrition. He still doesn’t eat as healthy as I’d like, but he’s getting better about trying foods and understanding that fruits and vegetables are important to eat even if we don’t care for them. (I got him to eat two carrot sticks today, huzzah!) After our second viewing, he announced we should only eat McDonald’s once a year. Great. The one restaurant with a menu in English.

So imagine my surprise when he practically begged to eat McDonald’s for dinner tonight. What happened to eating it only once a year? He had a quick answer: “Let’s start with today!” Fair enough.

We pulled up to the drive-thru, and after perusing the menu, I decided to try THIS Greek delicacy:


The Greek Mac! Awesome. Basically two burger patties in a pita with lettuce, tomato, and Tzatziki sauce. Actually, not half bad. Certainly better than the revolting shrimp burger. Liam got his usual: a plain hamburger happy meal with strawberry juice. Let me just say that special ordering through a drive-thru in a foreign country is a pain in the ass. The guy had me pull around to the first window just so he could understand what I was saying. Sheesh. Maybe it’s good we’ll only be doing this once a year.

Oh, and guess what Liam wanted to watch while we ate our McDonald’s meal? For the third time…this week. I feel like I should take bets to see how long he makes it before he asks for another Happy Meal. I doubt it will take a year.

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