My first rooftop party

In moving here I’ve discovered my inner socialite. We lucked into this fantastic house, perfect for entertaining, but we don’t usually entertain. I married an introvert, and party planning makes my heart palpitate. But it’s summer! In Greece! And I have all of these ready-made friends from the embassy! I decided to start small, just a dozen or so moms I know from the embassy. Then I started to get all nervous, like a dorky high schooler hosting a party while her parents are away to impress the popular kids. I needed to make my rooftop presentable! A few trips to IKEA and Jumbo later, I had it all under control.


I bought copious amounts of wine and beer, stocked the cooler and my new folding table with wine, beer, cheese cubes and crackers, put Violet down for the night and waited for my guests to arrive. Turnout wasn’t bad — there were 10 of us — and luckily I had enough chairs. James wanted nothing to do with my little soiree, so I put him in charge of Liam’s bedtime. I told Liam he could stay up late to watch the sun go down and the lights turn on. He had his own little chair over by the hammock, and he contentedly sat a little apart from our gaggle to watch the lights. I brought a blue tooth speaker up to play some music, and Liam spent the rest of the night creating his own little disco hopscotch dance party. So we had liquor, conversation, AND entertainment! Liam wasn’t happy when daddy came to escort him down to bed.

The weather was perfect, no rain and comfortably cool. I had a few citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes at bay. By midnight everyone had gone home and I easily cleaned up (James helped with that part — as long as I don’t ask him to socialize, he’s game.) All-in-all a success I’d say! My only complaint is the upstairs vestibule has no light. Six light switches, three that turn on outside lights, and three that apparently serve no function at all. Because…Greece! I had bought some solar lanterns to light up my folding table, but I mistakenly thought they’d get enough light during the day inside. I should have put them outside to charge. So next time, I’ll be sure to do that.

“Next time” will likely have to wait until late August or September. It seems that everyone, including us, is traveling all throughout the summer. Some of the guests who attended will have moved away by then, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet the new crop of people who move here in the summer. I certainly have enough leftover beer and wine to host another party or two!


2 thoughts on “My first rooftop party

  1. Julie Weddle

    That sounds like all went great! Especially for your first time there are bound to be a few mishaps that you can correct the next time. That is so adorable that Liam didn’t want to go to bed and leave the party! He must be turning into a regular extrovert! no, probably not quite.


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