Back to the bus

There was a transit strike this morning, so James took the car into work. Which left me figuring out how best to get Violet to her Gymboree class. Thankfully the strike only lasted until 10, so I could take the bus. I’m quite familiar with the bus from our two months of car-lessness, but I remembered the last time I took the bus to Gymboree, the walk there was a high-traffic nightmare. But now that my girl is napping in her crib again (Good girl, Violet!), I could do a little pre-planning and find a better route. Turns out another bus will take me to a much better stop, away from the busy road. Thank you, Google Maps!

Then I remembered…Crap, James has the car. And with it the stroller and the baby Bjorn. Faced with either having to carry her or wrangle my much larger stroller onto the bus, I remembered we kept our 1st Gen baby Bjorn as a back up. In fact, I gave James grief over it, wanting to just sell the thing in our garage sale. It has no back support, and it’s not very comfortable. But now I’ve got to eat my words. It certain came in handy today!

Since the last time we rode the bus, the city has installed a sign that tells you how many minutes each bus is from the stop. What a relief! That’s one of the worst things about waiting for mass transit — you never know when your bus/train will arrive. Back in the mid-aughts, none of the New York trains had this feature. Now most every place has it, even Greece! Way to go, Greece! Except…hmmm..the bus I wanted to take didn’t seem to be listed. A young woman sitting on the bench was able to tell me that in fact the bus I wanted did stop at this stop — she was waiting for the same bus — and the sign didn’t actually work. Well, balls! Thankfully, her app told her our bus was only five minutes away. Yay!

Twenty minutes later, our bus arrived. Oh, Greece…

I snagged a seat and simultaneously fed a fussy toddler animal crackers while tracking our progress on Google so I knew when to get off. I’m becoming such a city mom!

And we made it with enough time to spare for lunch! Actually, I had no reason to worry — our class never seems to actually start “on time” by American standards.  I practiced some of my new Greek phrases on Violet’s enthusiastically cheerful instructor, Giotta. She is truly a delight. (Incidentally, I remembered her name because it sounds a lot like “Yoda”. I know. I’m such a nerd.)

Another aside — I wasn’t sure how to spell her name, so I googled it. I remembered she told me her full name means “Madonna” and I managed to find this website on my first try. I think I’m getting the hang of Greek spelling!


One thought on “Back to the bus

  1. Julie Weddle

    That reminds me of my old days back in Cincinnati when I used to take the buses everywhere. You never knew when they were coming although, I think they did have a schedule listed so you had an idea. But you had to be careful not to get on the wrong bus by mistake. They had signs on the front of them to tell you where they were going. Oh those old fashioned times in days of old! Before the modern technology. Alas though, the new technology doesn’t always work! ha!


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