Smart House, Smarter Boy

Four months in this house and we’re still learning new things about it. This time Liam was the one who discovered it. I already knew that we could use these handy-dandy video monitors to see who is at the front door.


I even suspected you could push an intercom button and talk to the person outside. What I didn’t realize was you could also call the other intercoms. There are three, one on each floor, and you better believe once Liam discovered this, he had to test ALL OF THEM. Multiple times. A day. Now he purposely goes upstairs to his room just so I can “call” him for dinner. Then he’ll ceremoniously take the elevator down. This kid is getting so spoiled here.

Violet is FINALLY napping in her crib again, so I’ve had some time to work on our home décor. I started going through our artwork and photos, figuring out where I want to put everything (and hanging a few things in the living room, shhhh, don’t tell the embassy.) We left a lot of our bigger wall art behind — I didn’t anticipate having such a big space to fill — so I bought a few new things at the IKEA. I’m especially excited about Violet’s room. We’re ditching the teddy bear theme and going with pink and purple flowers and butterflies. Once we get her bookshelves hung, I’m going to put some dots and butterflies on the walls. I got this great round purple rug, and some adorable pillows to set up her own little baby reading nook. I tried adding a little rocking chair that used to be mine as a child, but my little climber kept getting up in it and standing. So that will have to live in the basement for a bit. (Side note: Liam had a rocking chair at this age, and he didn’t even attempt to sit in it until he was almost three. Amazing how different siblings can be!) Liam has requested a train theme (big surprise) so I’m planning to find some train track stickers to weave in and out of his bookshelves and along his walls. He specifically asked for a Metro station. Ok, kid. I’ll see what I can do. For our bedroom I splurged on this huge photo of the Eiffel tower lit up at night. That’s where we spent our “babymoon” in 2014. I’ve got a few more items to go through before I’m ready for the embassy to send over their guys with the hammers and picture hooks. It will probably take a full day.

I’ve also been sprucing up the rooftop garden in anticipation of my first rooftop party. Nothing huge, just a handful of new friends I’ve made to eat some cheese and drink some wine with me. With tremendous help from fellow ex-pat Aubrey and an ambitious trip to IKEA, we hacked back all the dead plants and weeds (which was pretty much the whole garden, heh), and hung some pretty lights. Last night I relaxed in my hammock and admired the view.


Something about sitting outside under the stars motivates me to learn Greek, so I hopped back on to my Greek language app for the first time in months. I had to start over from the beginning, but it all started to come back to me, and now that I have people I can talk to, I think the lessons will stick better. This morning I taught Liam how to say, “How are you?” and got him to say it to his bus manager. She broke into a huge smile and replied in Greek…which of course we couldn’t understand! But we’re getting there.

2 thoughts on “Smart House, Smarter Boy

  1. Julie Weddle

    The new decor for Violet’s room sounds great! Jill has some beautiful butterflies that she got that hang around in her house. Not sure where she got them but it might be IKEA since she loves that place too. You might ask her. It would be neat if you could find a large purple butterfly to put in her room. BTW, you also liked to stand on the rocking chair at that age, too, when you were little! Like mother, like daughter! But eventually you learned better! Just keep working with her!
    Love your rooftop lights. It looks a bit like our patio now, too. Are those all the chairs you have for your guests? You may need to bring out some blankets and pillows!


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