Natural History in Kifissia

I kinda wondered why I got such a good parking spot at the Metro station. Turns out there was a strike, and the Metro trains wouldn’t be running again until Monday. I walked a very dejected, train-obsessed seven-year-old to the car, all the while explaining what a “strike” means. Undeterred, I rearranged our plans from a rainy afternoon at the War Museum downtown to a rainy afternoon at the Natural History Museum in the suburbs. And we managed to pass a couple of Metro stations on the way, which satisfied Liam.

20160521_090953322_iOSThe museum sat in the heart of downtown Kifissia, a vibrant suburban oasis full of shops, cafes and restaurants. Our tummies rumbled as we left the parking garage, so we stopped in at a welcoming restaurant called Arch. Turns out they serve breakfast all day, and they had about the best pancakes we’ve ever eaten. They even had a very nice high chair for Violet. I had the breakfast special, which claimed it came with sausage, but I guess that translates to hotdogs, heh. My eggs benedict were fantastic, and I had the pleasure of finishing Liam’s pancakes. The food was so good, I could forgive all the second-hand smoking. Now on to the museum!

20160521_100527940_iOSTurns out the museum had a lovely outdoor café, something to try next time. The museum itself was decent, though small, but my kids don’t have much patience for long indoor tours, so it turned out to be the perfect size. By far their favorite was the hall of taxidermy animals. Roar! There was a larger exhibit in the back that looked more modern, all about nature and our solar system from what I could gather, except it was all in Greek. My kid didn’t want to stop and read anything, so just as well. Liam did enjoy sticking his hands inside these little boxes to try and guess what he was feeling. No need for English translation there! We stopped in the gift shop and Liam uncharacteristically picked out a blank journal. I’m trying to encourage him to write more, and write more neatly, so I didn’t even balk at the price (6 Euros…egad!).

When we got home, without any prompting at all, Liam wrote in his journal:

Today is May 21, 2016. Today I wanted to rid the mecho (Metro). But there was a stric (strike). Now I know that you mite theenk that sumbutee got ulecchfied (electrified). But no, the workors that work in the tunls (tunnels) wor not working. So the trains wor not runing.

I hope this is the first of many journal entries about his experience here. They will undoubtedly be about riding the Metro, though I’m sure he will branch out as he gets older. Who knows, maybe in a year or two he can be my guest blogger!


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