Sidewalks of Halandri

I did a fair amount of complaining about the state of the sidewalks when I first got here. But now that I’ve grown accustomed to their general decrepitude, I noticed something a bit peculiar. This is what the sidewalk looks like in front of my house.


And this is the sidewalk in front of my neighbor’s house.


In fact, as I circle the block, I notice the sidewalks vary from location to location.

In the business districts they stay pretty uniform, but in the residential areas, it almost seems like the original builders of the homes paved the sidewalks in front of their residences. The sidewalks seem to match the home. And the transition can be rather stark.


Some people added an endearing personal touch.


The sidewalks are littered with utility access points, these little squares that Liam refuses to walk on. Some are rather wobbly, so his fears aren’t completely unfounded.


Oh, and they’re also littered with oranges.

One thought on “Sidewalks of Halandri

  1. Julie Weddle

    I’ll bet the homeowners are responsible for putting in the sidewalks and for maintaining them , too. That might be why some of them are in deplorable condition. But it makes for a colorful neighborhood!


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