Time for (another) haircut

Baby photo bomb!

To me, the sign of a good hairdresser is not only in the skill of cut and styling, but also the repore I establish with everyone there. This is my second hair cut with Konstantinos at Cut My Hair in Halandri, and my last visit, I learned something new. This time I started with color, and Georges, my amusing colorist, did not disappoint. Despite his admitted hangover, we cheerfully chatted about sight-seeing in Napflio (apparently there’s an island prison there a CANNOT miss), the word for “hair” in Greek  (Mallia), and the terrifying memories of his very first earthquake (in 1999 when he was six. SIX. Evi and I had a laugh about that.) He also teased me that my pronunciation of “G” in Greek was all wrong, and after struggling with the English word for “emphasis,” he explained that most Greek words put the emphasis at the end of the word. Good to know. Sadly, Georges is leaving for Mykinos for the summer (hence the hangover from his going away party), but I hope to see him again in September.
When we got around to the actual cutting, K informed me that the refreshing lemonade I’d been enjoying was made by his mother. How sweet! Both figuratively and literally — unlike the swill I got at Delphi, this was really good. They also had some yummy dried fruit to offer, presumably hand-made as well. Apricots, green apples, and what Evi called “green lemons.” They had a strong lemony flavor, but they were bright green. Interesting.

Like last time I had a whole armada of people shampooing, blow-drying and styling my hair. I found it interesting as K was cutting, other stylists would step in to brush hair off my shoulders or sweep hair from the floor. As Georges was applying color, Zoe (pronounced Zoe-EE, they coached me), handed him foils. It’s all hands on deck at this salon!

This time, however, it only took two hours to finish up, so I had time to pop into this liquor store I’d seen several time on passing. I needed a gift for an upcoming birthday party. Halandri is full of these little gems — this dusty little unassuming shop offered free samples of numerous Greek liquors, and after trying a few, I settled on an amber-hued bottle infused with sweet honey. I liked it so much I bought a bottle for myself. The informative shopkeeper even gift wrapped my items. Now I’m all set for Saturday!

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