A morning shock

First day back to school for Liam, I had the alarm all set for 7 AM. A certain little missy got me up at 12:30 and refused to sleep anywhere but cuddled up with me, so she ended up in my bed at 3 AM. Sleeping with a baby in your arms is really barely sleeping, at least for me. So imagine my bleary-eyed state as I walked to Liam’s room and heard water absolutely GUSHING downstairs. I raced down the stairs.

Holy shit. There’s an inch of water in the living room.

I put Violet back in her crib (which she was NOT HAPPY about) so I could call the emergency line at the embassy and stop the flow of water. The landlord had taken me through the house, pointing out all of the important things. The water shut off was…in the bathroom, yes! I needed a screwdriver…I grabbed the wrong one, but who can blame me — it was nearly pitch black. The lights were out and shutters couldn’t be opened. And I left my glasses upstairs. I found the right screwdriver and a working flashlight, then by some miracle I found the right valve.

Yeah. I totally rocked it.

Except I had a flooded living room, no working appliances, no running water, and a kid who needed to get to school. I grabbed a couple of granola bars and bottles of water from the fridge (also not working), then we headed upstairs for a breakfast picnic in the hallway. I optimistically put some cheerios and goldfish crackers on a plate for Violet. She overturned that in a hot minute and ate her breakfast off the floor. Nice.

We ended up having a ton of time to get ready for school. Granola bars don’t take long to eat. So I got Liam off to school easy peasy. And luckily for me, our cleaning lady comes on Wednesdays, so she was able to help mop up the tremendous mess. The plumber and electrician lent a hand, as well.


It hasn’t rained in over a month, and of course when I have a sopping wet rug hanging outside to dry, it rains today. But the rest of the floor is relatively dry, and our cleaning lady stayed late to clean the rest of the house spic and span. So it all worked out.

One thought on “A morning shock

  1. Julie Weddle

    Oh my! What in the world caused the water to flood in the first place? Was it a a pipe break? I hope you gave your cleaning lady a special tip or bonus for all the extra work! And how did Liam react to granola bars and water for breakfast! Those are those wonderful times that are awful at the time but later on they are memories that you never forget! But, of course, Violet won’t remember it!


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