Fun on the funicular

DSC_0018 (1)

What a view! Liam’s fascination with trains fit perfectly with my plan to try the funicular that runs from the bottom of Mt. Lycabettus to the church at the top. And with 18 pounds of infant strapped to my front, I knew better than to attempt the climb on foot. After all, it is the tallest point in Athens, at an impressive 908 feet above sea level. It is supposed to be quite a sight at sunset…not a good time of day for parents of young children. Perhaps at the end of our tour, when Violet is four, we’ll try it at sunset. (Which, by the way, is hard to imagine right now…Violet with pigtails and a full set of teeth!)

We picked a good day to drive. Traffic was light on Good Friday. I wasn’t sure the funicular would be running, but while all of the museums were closed, most of the restaurants and stores were open. I’d read online that the price was steep: 7 Euros for adults, 4 Euros for children. Even my 7-year-old who can easily pass for a 5-year-old had to pay. But, still, worth it not to have to climb all those stairs. Liam, of course, picked the front seat…best seat in the house. We had a front row view of a very dark tunnel. But in the dimness you could see a car at the very top of the hill coming down as we were coming up. The track split in the middle, and the cars veered around each other. I explained to Liam how the cable from the downhill car was pulling our car up the hill.

After our short ride we explored the restaurant and church at the top of the hill. We looked northeast toward our house, easily recognizing the two large mountains we can see from either side of our rooftop terrace. We wandered around the restaurant a bit before finding the way up to the church. We only found it because we could hear the church bell ringing…and ringing…and ringing. The bell tower itself was unsurprisingly adorned with graffiti. We popped into the small church to look around and to get away from the noise. But after five minutes Liam was ready to get the heck out of there. I begged him to stay put for one more photo. This is what I got.

DSC_0022 (2)

Oh, the joys of sightseeing with young children! I promised next time we’d have a snack at the restaurant, and maybe the bell won’t be ringing then. I assume all the noise had something to do with the Easter festivities.

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