A trip to the zoo

Another fun-filled spring break day! Today we headed to this zoo I keep hearing so much about. I was advised to pick up a yearly pass — single-day admission is so expensive that a pass will pay for itself in three visits. Paying for Liam was a first…gone are the days I could get him in for under 3. And after shelling out the money, Liam matter-of-factly informed me that he thought looking at animals was boring.


20160428_082544436_iOSWhat he doesn’t find boring is poring over park maps, so at least that kept him happy. He played Magellan while the younger kids in our group rode in their strollers. Season passes to Disney and Sea World have kind of ruined us for zoos and amusement parks, but this zoo was still pretty nice. We had fun at the dolphin show. It was mostly in Greek, but who needs English to enjoy all the jumping and splashing. Liam, with his self-proclaimed allergy to splashing, wisely directed us to the top of the bleachers. We didn’t get a drop on us. Violet wanted me to walk her up and down the bleacher steps and along the rows, so I was thankful we were sitting up and away from the crowd.


Ok. This is kind of pathetic. I mean, yes, these penguins are probably from South Africa and they don’t require snow. But it’s still a sad sight. Aside from this, we saw your typical giraffes, rhinos, lions and chirpy parrots. We saw the bears taking a playful bath. We missed the elephants and monkeys, but I’m sure we’ll be back. This kid is going to the zoo at least two more times this year whether he wants to or not!

On the way home I decided to program my GPS to avoid tolls. The money I’m shelling out to drive on the main highway is getting ridiculous. And do you know it only added 10 minutes to my route? And while it was a little convoluted, the navigation was totally manageable. In your face, stupid tolls!

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