The Mall

When Athenians say they’re going to the mall, they actually mean they’re going to The Mall. Capital T, capital M. The Mall is a four-level shopping center near the impressive Olympic Stadium. We passed it on Saturday’s long Green Line metro adventure. Turns out it’s surprisingly close to our house. Parking was reminiscent of a Disney theme park if it were housed in a three-story underground garage. Hardly anyone was there at 10 AM on a Wednesday, but it’s safe to say there would be enough parking on even the busiest Saturday shopping day. How refreshing!

The Mall has a lot of offer — an impressive array of restaurants, a bowling alley, a movie theater, huge electronics stores and clothing stores. We really could have stayed all day. Except who in their right mind wants to stay in a mall all day with two young children? After exploring every level (as Liam is wont to do), we found some affordable summer shoes at H&M. I was NOT about to spend 50 Euros on sandals for my seven-year-old! Liam’s feet seem to be having a growth spurt…I’m hoping the rest of him will follow. And Violet is just about ready to take off walking.

On the way home I decided to pop by the Prenatal store to check for these baby fences I found online that I couldn’t find a way to ship. I’d been there once before back in February to get Violet’s high chair. Except…huh. This was not the same store.

20160201_105355751_iOSTurns out there are TWO big baby stores just blocks from each other. Now that I’ve got a better handle on the Greek alphabet, this other store is clearly not the Greek spelling for Prenatal. I honestly still don’t know what it spells. At any rate, neither store had what I was looking for. And as if Violet was waiting for just this moment, she climbed to the first step on the stairs at dinner time. I laid down a couple of dining room chairs to block her way, which will suffice for awhile. But she’s wily, this one. A shop girl recommended another store in Halandri I’m going to check out next week after Easter. Thankfully the embassy saw fit to provide us with an overabundance of dining room chairs, so we’ve got a back up plan. Until she starts climbing…

One thought on “The Mall

  1. Julie Weddle

    Gosh, I hope she’s not going to be a climber! But everyone tries stairs and she will get the hang of that! You will know later if she is a climber if she runs to get stools to get up higher all the time? I don’t think Liam did that, but who knows what Violet will do!


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