Those who live in concrete houses shall have crappy internet

It seems such a paltry matter. We’d like to have internet access in our entire house. Or at the very least, on the second floor. Or the first floor, rather. I’m still adjusting to that European difference: our house elevator reads -1, 0, 1, and 2. So what I would ordinarily called the second floor is actually the first floor. And the ground floor is zero.

Whatever. I want internet upstairs! In my bedroom, specifically. So when my husband is re-watching The Tudors for the 16th time on Netflix in the living room on the Ground Floor, I can catch up on the latest episode of Better Call Saul in a different room. Clearly mine is more important, but he doesn’t always see it that way. Men.

We tried an extender, but it hardly worked at all. We ordered another, better extender…and it works…barely. I think it’s these concrete walls. They are great for the heat – it’s gotten up to 85 and now that our heated floors are finally turned off, we haven’t had to run the AC at all – but they create a barrier for the signal. Our car’s GPS won’t work in our house, either.

Last night I managed to get Netflix to broadcast a very pixelated episode of Fuller House in the bedroom. We have limited access to Netflix content here in Greece, which we can normally circumvent with a VPN. Except Netflix is getting wise. I changed location three times to no avail. Sigh. At least I can check my email and update my blog upstairs. So it’s an improvement.

Perhaps I’ll have to find other forms of entertainment. I was finally confident enough in my driving yesterday to try turning on the radio. I found 5 English-language stations! Mind you, the songs were in English, but not the DJs. So it was Cranberries singing Zombie followed by rapid-fire Greek for 30 seconds, then…The Cure. I found a pretty decent dance mix station, stuff I’d never heard so I’ll assume it’s contemporary. I also found lots of zany Greek music. Hours of amusement right there, I’m telling ya.

One thought on “Those who live in concrete houses shall have crappy internet

  1. Julie Weddle

    Sharing a T.V. With James! That will never work! At least Better Call Saul is over now! Did you get to see the Talking Saul episode afterwards?


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