A trip to the Super Jumbo!

Now that I’m getting more familiar with driving, I decided to use my shopping day to go to the Jumbo. There’s a BEPY store on the first floor (a grocery chain spelled ΒΕΡΟΝΟΥΛΟΣ. Perplexingly, in English that’s VEROPOULOS. But I like to call it BEPY.), so I could do all my shopping in one store, Super Walmart-style. I dub thee Super Jumbo!

I pulled into the lot and had to collect a ticket. Puzzled, I went to the customer service, and they grabbed it and scanned it. I suppose to prove that I was shopping there and not just parking and going somewhere else. This is the one store I’ve found in my area with dedicated parking, so it’s no surprise they have to guard it. I had to put my little ticket into a kiosk on the way out. Wonder what happens if you don’t have it scanned? Anarchy!

So I guess they have to guard their carts, too. The carts for the Jumbo are all locked together, and you have to insert a 1 Euro coin to unlock one. Don’t worry, you’ll get your money back when you return the cart. You’d think with all this “security” they’d be super deluxe carts. But, as they say here, ohe. No seatbelt for the kiddos and all four wheels spin. What is the deal with that? Every store I’ve been to here has that, and it is INFURIATING to steer. They should seriously give out free wine samples to help us Americans cope.

The music in the Jumbo was tame today…less…circus-y. I wandered around like a drunken sailor, clumsily turning corners and knocking over displays that the cart was too wide for. Why do they even have carts if they’re not going to make the aisles wide enough for them?!

After (mostly) finding what I was looking for, I stumbled into the, um…ashtray aisle.


Smoking is a thing here. I feel like I’ve stumbled into the 90s. Aaaand, yep, there it is, at the checkout, the massive selection of lighters.


On a whim I picked up this candy bar on my way to the register.


It was with the chocolates, so I assume it’s like a Greek Hershey Bar. My translator app wasn’t very informative, but you really can’t go wrong in the candy aisle, so it was worth a purchase.

Another observation: it is expected that the customer bag their own items. This time, with Violet in the care of our babysitter, it was no trouble at all. But usually I’m left scrambling, holding the baby and trying to pay while haphazardly throwing items in plastic bags as they move on to the next person in line. My baby’s cuteness seems to have no effect where this is concerned.

Super Jumbo isn’t quite as all-encompassing as Super Walmart. I had to return my Jumbo cart, run my stuff to the car, then come back and get a different Bepy cart. Still, I’m grateful not to have to move my car.

I’m still finding the seafood aisle a bit intimidating. When faced with this


and this


I’m at a loss. But in a lonely little bin, I found something I could work with.


I’m sure they consider this garbage…but it’s what I know. We’ll give it a whirl.

The canned food aisle was illuminating. I found canned corn, yay! My kid loves canned green beans (as do I), but upon scanning the shelves, I found this:


and this

Look, dad, canned okra!


But no green beans. I did find beets in a jar, labelled “beet roots in brine.” We’ll see how that pairs with mystery fish fillets.

I also found some peeled and de-veined shrimp in the frozen food aisle, much more my speed. I know, I know, not as fresh as the ones with their heads attached. But I’m not a big fan of dissections in the kitchen.

Look what else I found. Greek Spam!




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