Lovely weather here on the rooftop

We’re coming up on three months in Greece, and I’m slowly but surely turning the rooftop into an oasis. It’s taken a few trips in the car, which I managed without tears for the first time last week. Progress! I’m getting the hang of driving…at least to the Ikea and back. I also had occasion to drive to the Embassy for the first time yesterday. As I listened to our GPS clumsily stumble over Greek street names, suddenly she announced, “Turn right at the marble building with the tinted windows.”

Ha ha, seriously? Even the GPS has given up trying to figure out these street names.

It’s just as well. I’m usually navigating via landmarks anyhow. My embassy trip did result in a few tears – when I missed the turn to the parking lot, I somehow drove up a street blocked at the end with a mass of random cars, and I had to do a 10-point turn to get back down the hill. I’m realizing there’s no such thing as “around the block” in Athens.

Beer, baby monitor, and blogging

So now our rooftop has a hammock with lovely blue-and-white-striped pillow (reminiscent of my new home), a white folding table and a wide, retractable umbrella on a wheeled base. And today I scored a small table and two chairs from another embassy family. A little white paint and some pillows (from Ikea, of course!), and these babies will fit right in. Once Violet starts walking in earnest, I plan to get more kid-friendly furniture up here, maybe a blow up pool and another umbrella.


They call this a “rooftop garden”. Right now it’s a mess of wildflowers, which I kind of like. I’m not much for gardening, so if I can just turn the hose on the little irrigation system every time I come up here and green these plants up a little, I’m fine with that. A more ambitious person would try growing something edible. I am not that person. I’d rather sip wine in my hammock. Or blog on my new patio set

One thought on “Lovely weather here on the rooftop

  1. Julie Weddle

    Sounds lovely! I was watching a show on DIY called I Want That today. It had 2 things I thought would be neat for you. One , was a machine where you put in frozen fruit and it takes it and mushed it up and spits it out and it is like ice cream, from fruit, no sugar or preservatives. Thought it would be great for Violet. The other was a night light that shows stars on the ceiling , but it did more, like it played lullabies and it was voice activated cause when it heard your baby’s voice, it would start playing these lullabies and maybe put baby back to sleep! Thought these would be really cool for you for Violet! Then I remembered…. You have to plug them in. Guess that might be a problem there in Greece! Oh well…. Too bad! Don’t think I don’t think of you often! I am glad you are making a nest on the roof, though. Sounds nice!


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