The Hellenic Motor Museum

20160409_103056588_iOSWhat a perfect little museum to see when you’ve had enough of all the ancient stuff! Three floors of classic cars in all their gleaming glory. The building that houses the Hellenic Motor Museum is an interesting sight in and of itself. A circular ramp takes you all the way to the fourth floor, and along the way you can see how tires have changed on vehicles of all types. Amusingly, the first tire is an ancient wheel from 300 BC. As we went up the ramp, I told Liam to look for a tire from 1977. I hear that’s a pretty good year 😉

Inside we saw cars from numerous eras and countries. To give you a sense of our divergent tastes, this car was Liam’s favorite.


And this one was mine.


They had a bunch of old timey cars, and Liam was amazed at the lack of windshields. I told them people used to wear great big goggles. They also had this blast from the past.


Flintstones, meet the Flintstones! Liam’s jaw dropped…”Wait, that’s a real car?!” Ummm…no. But isn’t it funny?

We also saw some far out cars from the “future”. These were tagged from 1985. Of course they were.


Liam characteristically blew right through the exhibits, stopping just long enough for me to tell him a fun fact before he was on to the next part. He seemed particularly taken with the elevator, which ran in the center of a set of spiral stairs from the third to fifth floors. But as we left, he said he loved this museum, and he wants to take his friends there next time we go.

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