It’s a toss up as to which is harder, driving to the Gymboree in Neo Psychiko, or taking the bus. Both options take an inordinate amount of pre-planning. But because this particular make-up class started right in the middle of rush hour, I decided in this case driving would probably give me a coronary. The bus it is!

I had both kids in tow, and Liam was keen to find out what Violet’s little class was all about. They also offered an open gym time, so I figured if he got bored, he could go out there and play. But first we had to get there, which required some research on which buses would go there and which stop at which we should disembark. It’s wise to have a few options so you’re not waiting and waiting for one particular bus. Ok…so we can take the number 10 or the number 19, and we go six stops to the bus stop called Faros. Easy enough. Liam is an excellent little mass transit buddy. He stamps my ticket for me and sits patiently until I tell him our stop is coming up, and if he can reach it, he’ll even push the button to alert the driver. Some buses have a flat screen with the route outlined and stops announced in real-time, very handy when you’re not sure where you’re going. Except…everything is spelled in Greek. I’m starting to get a handle on the Greek alphabet…so O with a line through it-A-P-O-zigzag E…that must be Faros. Sure enough they announced the stop and I was right. Score one for mom!

Our next hurdle: crossing the street. We had to walk a little ways to the nearest cross walk, and then we had to cross over about half a dozen streets to make it to the other side. All had crossing signals, but traffic didn’t necessarily stop when it was supposed to. Rush hour makes drivers testy. I was suddenly very glad I didn’t drive…though being a pedestrian was no picnic, either. But I was very careful to keep my eyes open in all directions, and we made it safe and sound.

Liam and Violet both had a great time at Gymboree. Liam takes a Greek foreign language class at his school, so he’s used to hearing catchy songs in Greek. Violet did not want to sit still, so I spent a good deal of the class walking her around. Liam loved entertaining the other babies. He even stayed for the whole class, then played with some of them in the open gym while I fed Vi some dinner. There were a set of twin boys just about to turn one that he chased all around the play gym. Back at the bus stop we saw their parents loading them into their car, and Liam just mosied over there and invited them to our house for a play date. This kid never ceases to amaze me. Two years ago he would hardly even talk to a kid he’d just met. And he had zero interest in babies. He’s really growing up!

Speaking of which, when we finally got home my occasional sniffles had turned into a full-blown head cold. I can’t believe I am sick AGAIN. Violet is a little germ factory. At any rate, Liam was begging to stay up and finish his Mythbusters episode, so I did what any sick solo parent would do: I told him he could put himself to bed. I told him to turn off the TV and the lights downstairs, get himself dressed and teeth brushed, and he could read to himself tonight. And my, oh, my, he really is growing up! He left all the lights on, but he did turn the TV off and I heard him brushing his teeth. We’ll see in the morning if he got his PJs to match…or if he’s just sleeping in his clothes. But I’m thrilled at this stroke of independence, especially since I’m handling two kids on my own a lot this month.

2 thoughts on “Gymboree

  1. Julie Weddle

    You know, I had a feeling that Liam might enjoy watching and participating with all the little kids Violet’s age. He has really taken to that younger group. Of course he might feel more confident with them or h e can be more bossy. Maybe he could have used a sibling a long time ago.
    I am sorry you have another cold. That same thing was happening to your dad for awhile. He just caught cold after cold after cold. It has stopped now finally. I would say you had caught them from him, but, of course, you are too far away, and Violet is probably the culprit. At least Liam is finally taking some initiative to be more independent. Oddly, I think Evie is getting less independent. It is probably my fault. I have had to put a lot of food up or she would just get into all the junk food and wolf it all down. So now she asks me to get stuff for her all the time. I can just never win!


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