AC in the EU

I’m not a big fan of air-conditioning. Back in the early days of our marriage, James and I had a window unit air-conditioner that could only cool one bedroom in our Brooklyn apartment. That room became our oasis in the summer, making our small apartment seem that much tinier. Moving to a house in DC with central air was definitely a step up…except the basement was frigidly cold while the rest of the house remained tepidly cooled. We faired better in Kansas, but we had to close our basement vents every summer, and our bedroom above the garage could never get comfortably cool.

If I had my druthers, I’d just leave the windows open. And that’s what we’ve been doing here in Greece because, frankly, we didn’t know how to operate these weird air-conditioners. But this week as the mercury climbed up to 80, I decided to hit some buttons on these remote controls (in English, blessed be!) and get these babies crankin’. And I’ll tell you what…I wish I’d done it sooner. We get a lot of traffic noise on the first floor, and exhaust fumes, and loud Greek pedestrians. But with the windows closed and the AC on, we get peace and quiet.

What’s especially wonderful about this set up is I can set individual temperatures for each room. I can even choose to cool the downstairs while leaving the upstairs bedrooms open to the much quieter back yard. I did wonder if I’d have to shut each door to cool each room and leave the hallways open to the heat. But I found if I set each room fan to high, it does a pretty good job of cooling the hallways and bathrooms. Now, if they could just figure out how to turn off our heated floors, (technician is coming next week) we’ll be ready for summer!

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