The Greeks know dessert

I’ve been trying to get out and about with Violet during the day more. Now that we have our strollers, and I’ve figured out that running them in the street is the norm around here, I’d like to reintroduce our daily walks. Back in Kansas we’d stroll over to High Park, check out the ducks and geese, admire the manicured lawns and wide, perfectly-paved sidewalks. Here Violet is in a for a far more bumpy, noisy ride. She gets to admire the cars and buses while I admire all the pretty dresses in the shop windows. And while negotiating the cobblestones is a pain in the ass, the perks of passing shops like this go a long way in making up for it.


I know churros, and I know beignets, but what they heck are loukoumades? The guy at the window said they were a Greek version of a donut. With honey. I’ll take six, then!


They fry ’em up, just like at the Krispy Kreme. Then they drizzle them with honey. Lots of honey.


I tried one…sort of like a warm, honey-drenched funnel cake shaped more like a donut. And it was DIVINE. I really and truly planned to save the rest for Liam and James to try (though not Violet — no honey until 12 months, m’dear). But they were just TOO good…and I ate them all. So, yeah, dieting is something NOT high on my priority list while I’m having my big Greek adventure. Desserts here are just TOO good! Perhaps when they roll me back home in four years I’ll join Weight Watchers.

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