Haircuts in Halandri

This new job has James traveling more than ever, and I noticed on his last trip that he made off with my nice hair goop. He’s been growing his out a bit, and apparently the “product” I buy is what he likes to use. Faced with another upcoming trip and no nice goop for my short locks, I decided to head down to the salon to get some more. I brought Violet along. The folks at Cut My Hair just can’t get enough of her. While the eager receptionist, Evi, fawned over the baby, one of the stylists found a product that he thought would suit my hair type. He’s opening little tubs and inviting me to check them out, then abruptly running his fingers through my hair, then going back to his wall of products to think a bit. Serious business, this is. Once we arrived at something, he even carefully demonstrated how I should use it. My colorist, Georges, came over to chat…or tried — I still haven’t learned any more Greek, and he struggled a bit with his English. But he already had some ideas for my color next time I come in. A full service salon! While I was there, I made an appointment for Liam to get his shaggy doo less, well, like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. They said, “Come back at 5! We’ll take care of it! Opa!” (Ok, that last bit I made up. But they are an enthusiastic bunch.)

Picture this: Liam strolls in like he owns the place, then asks how many people will be cutting his hair. Apparently this kid listens to (and remembers!) every word I say. We all laughed and Evi told him just one. She got down on his level and introduced herself, then showed him to his stylist, Gus. My child has a stylist! And, lord, look how grown up he looks sitting there!


Of course, he isn’t acting grown up — every time Gus would make a cut, Liam would yell, “Ouch!” and then giggle profusely. He squirmed, as usual, and I’m not sure Gus quite knew how to handle that. It wasn’t my favorite look for Liam, a bit messy for my taste, but at least it was out of his eyes. And getting Liam back in the chair to neaten it up clearly wasn’t gonna happen. Once the apron comes off, it’s a done deal, mom. But what do I know? Kids love that bed head look, apparently. Throw a little of that product I bought on it, and he’ll be ready to model in catalogs!


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