A dryer? What’s a dryer?

Today while doing laundry I realized I was about to run out of dryer sheets. The stores here all close at the ridiculous hour of 3 PM on Saturdays, so I quickly ran down to my favorite corner market to grab some. Halandri is full of these funny little markets that sell household items — I bought my hobo cart at the one that specializes in make-up and decor, and I bought my trash can at the one that specializes in hardware items. The one closest to my house appears to specialize in cleaning supplies and adult diapers. Seriously, they have an entire room dedicated to diapers. Baby diapers and huge packages of adult diapers.

Anyway, the guy who runs it is a sweet little gentleman, always very politely looking at me in wonder as I try to pantomime the things I’m looking for. He knows about as much English as I know Greek. But his daughter speaks English fluently. As I struggled to pantomime “dryer sheet”, I realized I had to back up and pantomime “dryer”, which I knew judging from all of the neighbors laundry hanging on their back stoops was not something the Greeks would be familiar with. Finally he held up a finger and gestured outside, and his helpful daughter walked in. She confirmed my suspicion and sent me to another store down the street. But alas I think dryer sheets are not a “thing” here. I must have bought mine at the NEX, what they call the commissary store at the Embassy. It’s a little more trouble to get, but at least I can get some good ol’ American items there. And keep my clothing soft and static-free.

2 thoughts on “A dryer? What’s a dryer?

  1. Julie Weddle

    You should either reuse your dryer sheets, in a pinch. Or see if you can buy those dryer balls. You just use those instead. Not sure if they work quite as good, but again you could use them in a pinch.


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