Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Saint Patrick isn’t too well-known around these parts, but at the Embassy everyone was decked out in green (except James, who got in from Malta at 2am. I’m not sure he even knew what day of the week it was, poor guy) and because I got invited to a Patty’s Day-themed play date hosted by the wonderful folks at the CLO (Community Liaisons Office), I decided I need to green things up. Violet was easy — she has so many cute dresses, finding something with a little green in it was cake. My wardrobe, on the other hand, consists of the eight outfits I managed to cram into our suitcases back in January. Hmmmm…James has this hideous green rugby jersey from Ireland…I guess that will have to do.

With any luck I won’t have to face this dilemma much longer. The rest of our stuff made it to port this week, and we’re just waiting to arrange a time to have them deliver it. Huzzah! We were told it could take 2-4 months, so I’m glad it made it on the short end of that estimate. Things are going to get a little crazy with all the unpacking and sorting…it’s like moving day got delayed and prolonged. But everyone who has been through this before says it’s so much better once your stuff arrives.

Our car is here, too, though frustratingly still in the embassy garage getting tagged and licensed. In the meantime I’m renting a car next week, which will surely provide lots of blog fodder. Stay tuned!


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