I got to drive a car today

I survived Greek traffic! For about 15 minutes, but still. One of my new embassy friends graciously drove me up to the IKEA, and while getting lost in Halandri on our way to the highway, she got a call from the school. We did a little Chinese Firedrill so she could deal with that, and I got to drive for a bit. Two hilarious things happened:

  1. Despite our vehement protests, some dude washed the windshield. I guess emphatic no’s could be misconstrued as emphatic neh’s. That’s the problem with the Greek word for “yes.”
  2. Two guys in a truck were rockin’ out to the radio behind us. When they saw me looking, they totally hammed it up. You know. For the ladies. Opa!

After aggressively merging, getting honked at and not crying about it (go me!), I managed to get us turned back toward the highway. But then I forked to the right instead of left, and we had to break out the GPS to figure it out. Yeah. This is gonna take some practice. Once we made it to the highway and paid the 3 Euro toll, the rest was a breeze.

Interesting fact: IKEA in Greece doesn’t serve mashed potatoes with the meatballs. Travesty!

So here’s a gripe I have about moving to Europe: why can NOTHING be a compatible size to the US? Is it our fault? Is our stubborn refusal to use the metric system to blame? Probably. At any rate, the queen-sized memory foam topper I bought is about 10cm wider than the American queen-sized hard-as-a-rock bed the embassy provided us. But for a good night’s sleep, I’m willing to make it work. And it did.

I also bought this gem for my rooftop terrace lounging.


It even has a handy dandy pocket for the baby monitor.

While I was up there, I noticed the spigot for the garden hose looks to be a different size than I’m used to. Really? Even the hoses are incompatible!? So in addition to power adapters, we’re going to need a hose adapter. Or three. This place has a lot of spigots.

One thing this place doesn’t have is carpets. But I’ve remedied that situation. Bought this for a fair price at a carpet store down the street. Helping the local economy and such. Really ties the room together.


2 thoughts on “I got to drive a car today

  1. Julie Weddle

    Very pretty carpet! And I see that Violet loves it, too. Her poor little knees!
    Driving may take some getting used to. As to the different sizes of everything, you probably will have to learn how to deal with that. THEY won’t change. I wonder how much stuff you’ lll have to buy like that, though. I mean you can’t bring it home with you. Too bad the last owners didn’t have all that and left it there for you.


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