Rumbling Thunder

Here’s something I didn’t expect. Thunder sounds different here. I don’t know if it’s the way it bounces off the mountains, or maybe it’s a result of living in the city, but the rumbling is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I’m used to the sudden clap and then long, slow, rambling rumble you hear on the plains. This thunder goes CLAP, rumble…pause…rumble…pause…rumble. I suspect it’s bouncing off the mountains to the east, west and north of us.

Liam asked his teacher if they have tornadoes here. I’m not surprised — in Kansas he was obsessed with finding the safest spot in the basement to take cover. But she said they typically don’t get large storms here, and certainly they don’t get tornadoes. Instead they have earthquakes. We have yet to experience one of those. But I have a feeling once we do, my little boy scout will obsess over the safest doorway to stand in.

3 thoughts on “Rumbling Thunder

  1. Julie Weddle

    You can bet your life you can!(depend on Liam to find the safest place to be during an earthquakes) don’t keep a lot of stuff around that can easily fall and hurt someone.


    1. mandysmusings

      You mean like books? Don’t worry — there are only two bookshelves, and they’re getting anchored. James is complaining that his Amazon books are getting damaged during shipment. Here’s hoping that means he stops ordering them!


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