Ommmm…what’s that smell?

It’s been aaaages since I’ve done a proper down dog. I did remember to pack my mat, but I haven’t had a moment to spare on the weekend to attend a yoga class here. One of my new mom friends recommended I try So I put Violet down for her afternoon nap and gave it a go. Mind you, I squandered most of her asleep time planning out our upcoming trip to Delphi (our first foray out of Athens, yippee!). With an hour to spare until Liam got off the school bus, I selected an intermediate 30-minute class with a focus on hip flexors. My favorite place to stretch! The pace was perfect for my now fairly inflexible muscles, and I was just starting to hit my groove when I heard the familiar sound of my baby stirring.


After some nursing and a cuddle, I plopped her in her Johnny Jump-Up, right in full view of my yoga mat.


And my little sweetie just bounced and smiled at me every time I’d look her way, especially if I was upside-down. Savasana wasn’t nearly as relaxing with all the baby babble, and she got a bit vocal right near the end. Perfect timing for a Namaste. Now, what’s that smell? Ah, yes, a little post-yoga gift. Namaste, indeed. I’m hoping the class I plan to attend on Saturday will go a little better. It’ll smell better, at least.

One thought on “Ommmm…what’s that smell?

  1. Julie Weddle

    Very funny! It is now more challenging to fit in anything with 2 children. As I know you are finding. Welcome to Parenthood! The smells , however , are bonuses!


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